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How the CDC’s New Rules Affect Travel To Cozumel Mexico

Worried about your upcoming trip to Cozumel in light of the CDC rules about international travel? Don’t be. In this blog post, we have done all of the research for you. By the end of this article, you will know everything you need to know about Coronavirus in Cozumel and where you can get an Antigen or PCR test in Cozumel so you can still enjoy your vacation in Mexico.

If you haven’t already heard the CDC has released a new requirement for international travelers entering the United States:

  • “If you plan to travel internationally, you will need to get a COVID-19 viral test (regardless of vaccination status or citizenship) no more than 1 day before you travel by air into the United States. You must show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight.
  • If you recently recovered from COVID-19, you may instead travel with documentation of recovery from COVID-19 (i.e., your positive COVID-19 viral test result on a sample taken no more than 90 days before the flight’s departure from a foreign country and a letter from a licensed healthcare provider or a public health official stating that you were cleared to travel).”

 Source CDC Website

Here in Cozumel, hotels and businesses have been quick to react to this news to ensure anyone traveling to Cozumel can still do so knowing they will easily be able to get the required testing done before they return home. In fact, many hotels in Cozumel have already started to offer the tests directly at their locations- and some are even providing them free of charge! And if you are planning to fly from Cancun airport then it’s good to know that they will have a mobile lab there where they can do testing and get results in just 30 minutes.

You can arrange a test at any of the hospitals in Cozumel but these two are both located conveniently downtown: 

San Miguel Hospital

International Hospital

Antigen Test in Cozumel

Hotels Offering Free Altigen Tests In Cozumel

The Presidente Hotel

The Presidente Hotel is providing complimentary Antigen tests in-house for two people per room. Additional Antigen Tests will have a special price of $45USD plus taxes. NAAT (also known as PCR test) can also be provided with a special price for our guests. As a preventive measure, guests may acquire protection (insurance) during their check-in, with the intention that, if they test positive for COVID-19 during their stay, they have an isolation room for up to 2 guests per room and a maximum of 14 days. This protection has a special price of $5 USD plus taxes per night per person.

The isolation room will have a special price of $10 USD plus taxes, per night per person. The guest will have the opportunity to request to the protection service supplier the reimbursement for accommodation and food expenses caused by the trip extension due to COVID-19 from $100 USD per person per day up to $1,500 USD in total per person, and up to $1,000 USD per person for the difference in fare or penalty for delayed or early return trip.

Park Royal

Park Royal is providing complimentary Antigen tests in-house for two people per room (minimum 4-night stay), extra guest testing is available for a special rate. They will also give a special rate for two people maximum who need to quarantine at the hotel in case of a positive result. 


Iberostar is providing complimentary Antigen tests in-house for all adults and children. This service will be available every day and the results will typically be provided within 30 minutes of the test. In case of a positive result, they will provide an extension of your stay at no cost for up to 10 days, isolation rooms with all necessary amenities such as medical monitoring and contactless room service. For guests interested in PCR tests those will be available for an additional cost- also on site. 

Fiesta Americana

Fiesta Americana/ Explorean are providing complimentary Antigen testing in house. If you require a PCR test they are available for an additional cost. They have developed the “Travel with Confidence Protection” insurance program that covers any accidents or illnesses (including COVID-19) during your stay for a cost of $4USD per night. As part of that insurance program if you test positive during your stay they will offer a special accommodation rate of $10USD (plus tax) per night per person during a quarantine period. 

Cozumel Palace

Cozumel Palace is providing complimentary Antigen testing in house for up to two guests per room, with results in 30 minutes. Additional rapid tests will be available at a minimal cost of $19 per guest. They will also cover the cost of quarantine for up to 14 days at no cost to guests, for up to two guests per room should both guests test positive.

The Melia

The Melia is providing in house antigen tests for all guests who are required to present documented results prior to entering their country of residence. Offered on reservations of a minimum of three nights, guests will coordinate and schedule a COVID-19 test upon check-in to the hotel. also recently unveiled a free insurance policy with all reservations. The Travel Safe with Meliá insurance policy includes extensive medical coverage and assistance for any unexpected health event, including COVID-19. Coverage includes a complementary extension of the guest’s hotel stay for up to 15 days and assistance for travel companions including displacement and living expenses, or assistance for the travel companions to return home.

Hotel Casa Del Mar

Hotel Casa Del Mar are providing free antigen testing for guests who stay for a minimum of 5 nights. If a guest tests positive they will either provide a room with a special rate of $19 USD (plus tax) per night and 50% off food and beverages.


AMResorts (Secrets Aura and Sunscape Sabor in Cozumel) are providing complimentary Antigen tests in house. If a guest receives a positive test while on the property that prevents departure, the cost of quarantine at the property will be covered for up to 14 days. Extended stay due to quarantine includes the guest plus one travel companion sharing the same room. 

EDIT: If the antigen test comes back positive they are asking guests to take a PCR test at their own expense before they will allow you the 14-day quarantine. They will also only provide you with the same package that you originally purchased. So if you booked the breakfast only rate then you will need to cover other meals at your own cost.

Hotels in Cozumel Offering In-house Altigen Tests

Playa Azul

Playa Azul is offering in-house Antigen Testing for $35 per guest and PCR Testing for $125 per guest. In case of a positive test, they are offering a 14-day quarantine for a 50% discount off your rate based upon availability in their 4 bedrooms, 3 bathroom suite with a fully equipped kitchen. Room service or food and grocery delivery have an additional cost.

El Cozumeleno Beach Resort

El Cozumeleno Beach Resort will be providing in house testing. PCR tests are $130USD and Antigen tests are $28USD. In the case of a positive test, they will offer an all-inclusive special rate of $15 USD per night per person for up to a 14 day quarantine period. Extended stay due to quarantine includes a travel companion sharing one room. This policy is valid through April 15, 2021.

The Westin

The Westin is offering in-house Antigen Testing for $750 pesos and PCR testing for $2,335 pesos and will offer a special rate for anyone who tests positive and needs to quarantine.

Where can I get Antigen Test in Cozumel?

For those of you who are staying at a hotel, condo, or Airbnb that’s not offering their guest an in-house antigen test in Cozumel the test are easily available at the following hospitals in Cozumel.

AmeriMed Hospital

For groups of 5 or more, they will come to your accommodations for no extra fee to take the tests. The Antigen test is $750 pesos and you get your results the same day. The PCR test is $2335 pesos and you get the results in 36 to 48 hours. The results are given in English at no extra fee. You can email them at  or call +52 987 8695555 to make an appointment. 

CostaMed Cozumel (CMC)

They have the following tests available- you can reach out directly to them about coming to your accommodations to take the tests for an additional fee:

  • Rapid Blood Test: Blood Test (IgG/IgM)
    • Price: from $ 799 MXN
  • Extended test. Blood test (IgG/IgM) + Imaging and Laboratory Studies+ General Medicine consultation
    • Price: from  $ 2,117 MXN
  • Rapid Antigen test.
    • Price: from  $ 999 MXN
  • PCR test(Polymerase chain reaction). Genetic material testing 
    • Price: from  $ 2,499 MXN

To make an appointment with CostaMed email them here:

Please provide them with your full name as on your passports (no nicknames), DOB, as well as the date and time of your flight departure.

You can also call them at USA toll-free # 855 301 4111 or +52 987 872 9400 extension 1. They are recommending you make your appointment as far in advance as possible.  

San Miguel Hospital

Antigen tests in the hospital are $699 pesos with results in 30 minutes, the PCR test is $2,500 pesos with results in 24 to 48 hours. If you’d like them to come to your accommodations to take the tests they have different prices:


  • 1 person $1,699 pesos
  • 3 or more $1,190 pesos per test per person
  • 5 or more $1,156 per test per person
  • 10 or more  $1,105 per test per person
  • Includes Antigen test with results in 20 to 30 minutes, certified document with the results, testing done in your accommodation.

PCR Test:

  • 1 person $3,499.99 pesos per test per person
  • 3 or more $2,799.99 pesos per test per person
  • 5 or more $2,730 pesos per test per person
  • 10 or more  $2,625 pesos per test per person

Includes the PCR test with results in 24 to 48 hours, certified document with the results, testing done in your accommodation.

You can set up appointments by emailing them at or call +52 987 872 0103 extension 119

Cozumel International Hospital

The Antigen test is $49USD and you get your results the same day. The PCR test is $129USD and you get the results in 12-24 hours.

You can make an appointment to have the tests done in your accommodations at an additional cost. If you schedule tests for 10 people or more they will come to you for free. You can visit their website at or call +52 987 872 1430 to make an appointment.

This post was written by Joei from the ScubaTony Reservations Team

EDIT 5th February 2021:

One of our regular divers sent us some feedback about their experience traveling back to the states with the new testing rules in place

“Adam and the entire ST crew – Greetings from Terry & Julie…we are back home!

I just thought we would post a reply about our experience with the new CDC rules for American citizens returning to the USA and how it played out for our trip. We arrived on Cozumel on Jan 23rd and stayed at the Cozumel Palace (you mention them in this blog post) and we departed on Jan 31st.

Before even leaving the States, we got an email from our Airline carrier (American) to download the VeriFLY app from the app store. This app provided us with requirements/checklists and trip wallet to electronically store the required documentation to re-enter the States when it was time to come home. We also got an email from Cozumel Palace explaining that they were offering on-premise COVID testing and even complimentary lodging if needed, exactly as you explained it in this post. After we arrived at Cozumel Palace, they asked if we wanted to partake of their free testing (two tests per room) and they promptly made an appointment for us to get a rapid Antigen test on the Friday before our Sunday departure. They even set up the appointment to accommodate our Friday diving with Scuba Tony…no need to miss any dives!

The test was quick and easy with both Julie and myself having our test results in about 20 minutes total time. They had a room set up just off the main lobby for the testing. Everything was very professional and we felt very comfortable. The swabbing of the nose is a bit weird feeling but it was over in about 5-8 seconds and then we just waited for the reagent to give us our results. Once we got the results (Negative for both, woohoo!), they printed us two copies of each of the test results for use at the airport.

Normally the hard copy form would meet the requirement but I mentioned the VeriFLY app and would recommend everyone use that. Here’s how that went. In the VeriFLY app we created a “Trip to USA” travel pass and performed the following steps:

  1. Took a selfie, entered my personal information
  2. Entered my return flight info
  3. Uploaded the image of my negative COVID test
  4. Answered an electronic travel attestation (regarding no symptoms, etc.)
  5. Reviewed the checklist for the airport (have a passport, negative test results, etc.)

Upon uploading, the negative COVID test, the VeriFLY app said it was “Pending review”. After a few hours, it updated to “Accepted”. Then within the VeriFLY app, I had a travel pass with a green checkmark by my selfie and it said: “Okay to travel”.

Upon getting to the airport, we were greeted by an airline rep and when I took out my VeriFLY travel pass with the green checkmark, she said “Oh, great…this will be easy” and in a matter of 2 minutes (no joke), I was checking in my luggage at the ticket counter and heading off to security. (I still had to answer the final quick form regarding COVID symptoms but that has been in place since March). It was so simple. I’m serious. Even if we would have had to pay for the tests, it was too easy.

** I would like to recommend to those who are on the fence about a trip to Cozumel and diving with Scuba Tony, that they take the trip….it was very simple. **

Terry & Julie”

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