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Where to Eat in Cozumel | The Best Cozumel Restaurants

There is no shortage of restaurants to choose from when you’re in Cozumel. From street tacos to lamb chops paired with a Brunello, Cozumel has you covered. Whether you are new to the island and looking for some recommendations, or you want to try somewhere new. This is my list of recommended best restaurants in Cozumel.

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I’ve split this list of best Cozumel restaurants into sections so you can easily find what you are looking for. Also if you don’t want to go out, we have a great Cozumel food delivery service called FASTY. You can send them a message on WhatsApp and they will bring you pretty much anything you want. Now, how’s that for room service! Fasty at +52-1-987-800-9480

My Favorite Restaurant in Cozumel

Buccanos At night

Hands down one of the best dining options in Cozumel. An incredible atmosphere in a wonderful location on the beach next to their historical hotel that has been left abandoned since hurricane Wilma.

They have a weekly appetizer, entre, and dessert specials that keep the menu fresh and evolving. Their wine list is comprehensive and chosen with care.

Their service is exceptional, hands down my favorite restaurant on the island, and a must-try while you visit Cozumel.

The Best Cozumel Restaurants for Breakfast

La Gloria
Open 8am to 4pm. She has a wonderful cinnamon house coffee that I love called cafe de olla. Her menu is unique and fresh for the area. You can also schedule a cooking tour with her and go to the market and meet the people of the market. Pick fresh ingredients and cook and eat at La Gloria with Chef Paola.

It’s difficult to find Cochinita regularly on the island. Usually, it’s reserved for Sundays only but you can order yourself a Cochinita sandwich here 7 days a week. They even have a famous “drowned sandwich” a style from Guadalajara that is quite unique for the island. The menu is extensive and includes lunch items. There is something for everyone there.

Music starts around 10 or 11 and it’s a nice environment to get either breakfast or lunch and enjoy the atmosphere.


La Monina

In the world of Covid some of the restaurants that I target eating at are open-air seating and it doesn’t get much better than La Monina. It’s one of the few restaurants that you can eat right on the water in their downstairs area on the beach. Try their Huevos Xcatic for a twist on the regular eggs benedict. It’s similar to a pablano flavor flavored sauce vs the hollandaise. It’s not spicy and I fall asleep thinking about it.

Corazon Contento

Located on 10 and 2 they have one of the best breakfasts on the Island (in fact they have great food at any time of the day). I especially recommend trying some of the local dishes such as their Mayan huevos motulenos (fried Yucatecan tortilla with black refried beans and a fried egg on top with a tomato sauce) or the Mexican breakfast of enfrijoladas (corn tortillas dipped in beans, served with cheese and cream). I always order it with chicken and 2 eggs on top.

Rock N Java

Located on Melgar across from the Mega this place is always busy. It’s especially popular with local ex-pats and the crew from the cruise ships because of how close it is to Punta Langosta. The staff is always welcoming, they have a menu in English and Spanish and everyone in there speaks perfect English. It has a casual vibe, ocean views, and refillable coffee… on and the breakfasts are pretty good too. It’s a little on the pricy side for Cozumel, but it’s worth the extra money for the service and they’re super-fast WiFi (something rare on the island).

On Sundays, they have really good eggs benedict. I also recommend Johnny Lees Cowboy breakfast for the biscuits and gravy fans out there. If you like your coffees a bit more fancy than your average cup of Joe then they have delicious specialty coffees like the vanilla or the chocolate bang. Oh and don’t skip dessert if you come here in the evening. I like the ice cream brownie Sunday.


Located just a little further along from Rock’n’Jarva you will find Jeanies. I’m not going to lie, it really isn’t the best food on the Island, but when you see the view that alone makes up for any culinary shortfalls. Here you can eat on the beach, it’s also pretty cheap and has a local vibe. They have a beer special from 5-7 that is 2×1 that makes for a pretty nice sunset spot.

El Maple

El Maple actually has 2 locations although most people go to the one on 5 and 6 just north of the downtown plaza. It’s small and cozy, they only have 5 tables inside and 2 outside. So if you go during peak time you may have to get it to go or share a table with someone. It’s the only artisanal bakery on the island and they have Nutella-filled croissants and delicious cinnamon rolls. The coffee is pretty decent and the wifi is ok.

Sucré Salé Café

This is my go-to coffee place in Cozumel. They have the best coffee and don’t even get me started on the sweet stuff. The staff is always really friendly, plus they don’t mind me sitting there for a few hours catching up on ScubaTony work. In fact, they even have plug sockets close to many of the tables so it’ easy to plug in and work. They have a good selection on their breakfast menu (served until 1 pm) I normally just grab a croissant and a cappuccino.

Budget Cozumel Mexico Restaurants

If you are looking for a place to get some budget eats in Cozumel then you my friend need some tacos in your life. There are three places you should have on your radar on your quest for the best tacos in Cozumel.

In general, I have a rule when looking for a good place to eat tacos, only eat at a place with plastic tables and chairs… That’s generally how you know that you are eating in a local place. If you are sat at a fancy table and chairs you are probably in a more of a tourist-focused place and you will pay a lot more for your taco, and they likely won’t be that authentic. Most of the places on this list are on the outskirts of town and popular with locals and tourists looking for authentic tacos.

Diego’s Tacos

Diego’s is the place to go if you want fish tacos. It’s very casual and close to the airport which makes it a firm favorite with a lot of people who quite literally get off the plane and head directly here for their taco fix. Diego’s Tacos is open from 9-5 pm Monday through Saturday, check out their specials board and order a lemonade (it’s really good).

Mister Taco

Tacos al Pastor is a firm favorite of any Mexican diet. If you have never tasted them before then you really need to book a date at Mr Taco. You will be able to spot the al pastor meat as it looks like a Turkish kabab. It actually has an interesting heritage as it comes from when a wave of Lebanese migrants came to Central America in the late 19th century. In true Mexican style, there was a merge of cultures and Tacos al Pastor was born.

It’s spiced pork meat, served with a slice of pineapple. You can buy them at pretty much every taco stand, however, once you have tasted the Mr. Tacos al pastor tacos, they will ruin all others for you, they are that good. You will find My Taco on transversal, so it is a little bit out of town, but totally worth the distance. It is very casual with a local atmosphere and you will pay local prices here.

Crazy King Burrito

Crazy King Burrito has two locations. One is downtown located on the corner of 5 and 4. North of the plaza. The other one is located on the East edge of Corpus Christi on the corner of 30 and 15 (Xel-Ha).

They have some great burritos but the one that has kept me coming back over and over again is the Asada (steak) burrito. I always ask for it extra crispy. Go get one after a morning dive, it hits the spot!

Los Sera’s

Another favorite of mine is Los Sera’s on 30 and Morelos (a street that’s between 3 and 5). Here you will find a local vibe and it’s very casual. Excellent pastor tacos. If you feel like being adventurous, they sell pastor pizza as well.

Blow the Budget

If you are on vacation here you need to blow the budget at least once. Despite it being a small island, like the rest of the Riviera Maya Cozumel has some pretty amazing options for fine dining. Here are just a few of my favorites. If you don’t want to eat out check out this post we wrote about the private chefs of Cozumel.

10 Experiences of Mexico

This is only for the real foodies out there. You will get a full experience and tour of food and booze from different Mexican states all with a great video presentation that aids the experience visually. You’ll want to travel through all of Mexico after taking part in 10 Experiences but you won’t need to because they will have taken you to places that you didn’t know existed during your dinner with them.

Make sure you contact them on Facebook for more info.

Alfredo Di Roma Trattoria

Located in Presidente Hotel in the South end of town by the marina Alfredo De Roma Trattoria is an Italian restaurant with excellent food and wine. To go along with that the service is also very good and I’m always appreciative of the ambiance in here. Make sure you reserve your table and if you need a recommendation I almost always go for the lamb chops.
La Cocay

Del Sur Parrilla 

An Argentinian Steakhouse near the plaza has had me excited recently. It’s hard to find a good steak here on the island so Del Sur has been really enjoyable lately and I have been eating here more and more.

The Best Burger in Cozumel

You may be in Mexico, but sometimes you just need a good burger! There are three places I recommend getting your burger fix (and no there is no Macdonalds in Cozumel, you have to go to Playa del Carmen for that).

Caribe Burger

They don’t have 5* trip advisor reviews on TripAdvisor for no reason. It’s just a small place with a local vibe away from the main tourist area, but close enough to walk to. The burgers are great, as are the onion rings.

Pancho Burger

Located just across the street from Westin on the Northside of the island. Their secret weapon is the coconut shake. Seriously, forget about the burger, just go there and order the coconut shake. Then go back the next day because the coconut shake is all you think about… no? Just me?

Pizza in Cozumel

You will find no shortage of places to buy Pizza in Cozumel, but there are only 4 places I’d recommend for you to go. These places have the best pizza on the island. So forget Dominos or Pizza Hut and hit one of these up instead.

Torinos Pizza

Torinos opened in late 2020 or early 2021. I think you understand how that time period can be a blur. Anyway, they opened up a wood-fired oven Naples-style pizzeria with the freshest ingredients. This is usually where I’m getting my pizza these days! They are located on 11 just West of 30. They also share space with La Parrilla, a BBQ place which is also really good. So if someone isn’t in the mood for a pizza they can always get some steak or baby back ribs from La Parrilla.


Punta Sur Cerveceria

They brew their own beer and make excellent specialty personal pizzas in their wood oven. Need I say any more? Beer and pizza. I highly recommend trying the Lionfish Pizza, it’s delicious.

Their Facebook page


Vinito Bistro & Wine Bar

A new edition to the island. The head chef of Buccanos’ wife teams up with a wine distributor to create a nice edition to the island. They have some excellent pizzas here as well as a great wine selection and some other options that will keep you coming back.

Their Facebook Page

La Cocay 

They have always been the go-to pizza place on the island but they’ve had some steep competition lately. They do some pretty interesting specialty pizzas that are creative enough to get you to order all of the pizzas on the island. The duck pizza is pretty tasty.

Picolla Breakfast Pizza 

This is actually a breakfast pizza that is worth trying out. They are quite new and very happy to have people come in. They serve individual-sized breakfast pizzas that are actually quite filling for only 90 pesos. That’s less than $5 and they are a short walk from the square. Think if a quiche and pizza birthed something. They are located on the corner of 10 and Adolfo Rosado Salas.

Cozumel Healthy Eats

La Cuisine

Located on 11 and 5, Northeast of Mega if you are looking for a healthy option for breakfast or lunch this should be top of your list. They have options for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. Need something gluten-free? No problem. The food is fresh and delicious and the price is very reasonable. Be sure to order one of their juices and take a browse in their shop before you leave, they have great locally produced products here.

Local Favorites


La Conchita del Caribe

If you want to know where the locals go to eat the best fish on the island then it’s here at La Cochinita del Caribe. It closes at 9 pm and it is a popular place to come for a late lunch or early dinner. Weekends it can get very busy, but my 8:30 pm you will be dining alone. Oder the whole fried fish. This restaurant is a little out of the way so you will need transport to get here, it’s worth the extra effort.

Las Palmas

Las Palmas is a place in central Cozumel where you can get a good Mexican meal for a cheap price. They always have good specials but failing that you can’t go wrong with the shrimp.

Cozumel restaurant review Las Palmas


Serving up good honest Mexican food at great prices. Chilangos is popular with locals and foreigners alike. The staff are friendly, they have wifi, and it’s not too far out of the center, especially if you have a bike or you have rented a car.


This is a pretty popular place with both tourists and locals. Every Thursday you can get the lionfish on a 2 for 1 special.

Italian Restaurants in Cozumel

If you have a craving for Italian food then there is plenty of options to choose from in Cozumel. The Riviera Maya has a large Italian community and lucky for us they love sharing their food with us here in Mexico.

La Cucina Italiana

First up is La Cucina Italiana, it’s a buffet-style Italian restaurant and makes a great lunch option. Especially if you are trying to get a bite in before your afternoon dive.

K’ooben Laab

If you want to take your Italian dining experience up a notch then head to K’ooben Lab. Everything here is super fresh, homemade pasta, bread, the mozzarella.

Facebook Page

New Espacias

New Espacias is a great option for a nice authentic Italian evening meal. All of their pasta is homemade, the chef is Italian, and it is always worth checking out the special menu. New Espacias is well known for its seafood, especially the lionfish. They also have gluten-free and vegan options.

Their Facebook Page

Sports Bars in Cozumel

Dicks Dive

is the best place to watch sports in my opinion. It’s located very close to the Plaza. Just a little North walking on 5 from the Plaza. They usually have a rocking band there on Saturday nights that can play a solid 200 rock song covers. So if you’re going on a Saturday night be ready to split your attention.

Facebook Page

No Name Bar

Located across from the MEGA grocery store. It’s an old pub vibe that has nothing but sports on. Less distraction than Dicks but also a bit more expensive.

Indian food in Cozumel

If you are looking for an Indian restaurant in Cozumel then there is just one option.

Bombay Delights

These guys have excellent Indian food. Their buttered chicken has me coming back almost weekly. They can deliver. Great service.

Facebook Page

Other places worth mentioning

There are just a few more places worth mentioning on this best restaurants Cozumel list if you are looking for the best places to eat in Cozumel. These don’t quite fit into any other category but are 100% worth checking out.

Cozumel Dreaming Sushi –  On 2 and 10. They have a great all you can eat option for under $500 pesos

Chocolateria Isla Bella – This is not your average chocolate shop. They are an artisanal Chocolateria that work with cacao farmers to bring you the best quality Mexican chocolate.

Where to Eat in Cozumel | The Best Cozumel Restaurants

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